The traditional art forms in Rwanda

 The traditional art forms in Rwanda

Wood crafted products: stools, beds, masks and walking sticks are popular handcrafts in Rwanda.

The main form of art and craft of Rwanda includes the ceramics, and the traditional woodcarvings and paintings. Art in Rwanda took a back seat for a long time. The Art in Rwanda has four groups, weaving or basketry, pottery, painting and handcrafts.

Basically there are three materials used for making these baskets. It is what they call Sisal Fiber, Banana Fiber and some herbs. The peace baskets are one of the products that Rwandan Artisans are selling almost all over the world. There are other types of baskets which you could relate with friendship, those that are also thank you gifts.

Now these baskets are mostly made for selling in the tourist and international markets and very few are being used as functional house hold accessories but they are being used as decorative items.

Pottery is one of the oldest forms of art in Rwanda, it has survived for years. The modern Rwandan potter works with brown mud, unlike the mica rich traditional form which they have started to make flower pots, decorative vases with brown mud of.

Music and Dance in Rwanda also forms a big part of the culture of Rwanda. There is a variation of music and dance traditions, which relates to the hunting traditions of the country.

Some of the baskets they are making are these: